Who’s gonna do it?
After youuuu.

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My year 10 maths teacher showed us a clip of this in class when learning graphs.
I’m pretty sure I was the only one who laughed.

I laughed too hard

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You know what? He’s right. Saying “I’m not gay” in response to people saying you are gay is 100% not homophobic. Saying “that picture isn’t me” is 100% not homophobic.

But do you know what is homophobic? Calling a picture of two gay men having sex a “weird photo”. That’s kind of homophobic, don’t you think? He wouldn’t call a picture of a man and a woman having sex a “weird photo”. He probably wouldn’t even call a picture of two women having sex a “weird photo”. But hey, it’s a bit weird that the guy looks exactly like him so maybe that’s what he meant by weird, right? I guess that’s okay-ish.

But do you wanna know what’s not okay? Do you want to know what is 100% homophobic? Saying he would rather release pornographic images of himself to his millions of followers than have them look at that “weird photo” and think it’s him, that he would ever do that. Because now with this second tweet it’s clear that he’s upset that the other person in the photo is a man.

That’s homophobic. It’s really fucking disgusting on a lot of levels, to be honest.

You know what’s stupid about this though? You’re all so ready to take everything the other boys say as jokes, but as soon as Liam says anything sarcastic when he’s upset is taken as completely horrible. What the hell? He was making light of a situation he was upset about like he always does, and people always yell at him for it. Why does no one learn? WHY is Liam attacked EVERY TIME he says something to defend himself? Maybe, if you think about it, Liam is actually showing he has more balls than any of the other boys because he actually brings up what is said and written about him and makes it damn clear that he’s not okay with it.

I’m glad it’s been said that him saying “it’s a weird photo” does not mean anything about the gay content. I’m damn sure it would be weird to see a sexual photo like that that looks like you roaming the internet and having a host of people say things about it. Duh.

When saying he would rather post full frontal than the sexual photo is because the photo is extremely revealing of a sexual act, whereas pictures of just yourself aren’t seen as incriminating with all of this “nudes” culture going around. But of course, no one bothers to see his side of it in the least. He knows that neither one of those things is okay, and saying that before he would ever take a picture of himself in a sexual act, he would much more likely take a “nude” is still not saying he WOULD ACTUALLY DO IT.

The second tweet was also obviously him answering to hate that he got from his previous one. EVERYONE that I was seeing reply to that tweet was mentioning how it looked like it was Liam having sex with a man. Don’t even try to tell me that there weren’t hundreds of people tweeting him about being gay and whatnot. He was replying to the hate, not bringing up a whole other point just to argue with no one.

This being said, I’m not going to sit here and say Liam handles everything in the best way, because yeah, maybe he doesn’t sometimes, but you need to fucking STOP incriminating him every time he has the balls to stand up for himself and make something clear to his fans and followers and paps and idiot people who he knows are going to write shit about him. The other boys may not answer to hate like Liam does, but that doesn’t make what Liam does wrong. Liam was bullied as a child and now that he has power, I don’t blame him at all for using social media to say what he needs to say to the world. Stop making something out to be some huge offense against you and just shrug it off because WE ALL KNOW DAMN WELL that Liam would not purposefully post a picture of himself like that to show off and be a pig. We all know he wouldn’t do that, for a host of reasons. Even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to actually do it.

SO…shut the hell up with this nonsense because you know damn well what Liam’s intentions are and you know he sees the shit you write about him. Unless you want him to keep tweeting about it, save us all time and keep your mouth shut. Let the man have some peace for once. Stop digging for trouble and making a mountain out a mole hill.

*steps off soap box*

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stop bullying harry hes only got a 10th grade education

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steal my girl comes out in a week 


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One Direction reveal details about new single ‘Steal My Girl’

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= the most hilarious series of harry styles faces ever

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this vine is too real

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“if u say “i love you” too often it loses its meaning”

boring people who probably read john green and listen to the beatles (via frnkierocellabration)

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